Prompt 21: Alone


The word I thought 

I never dreaded hearing 

Alone. Alone. Alone.

As no one simply heard me

Or believe my story

The look on their faces 

The whispers behind my back

The stopping of talk 

When I entered the room

The nonchalant use of the word or 

avoidance of the terminology ( mentally ill) 

use to describe the incident

As if it wasn’t of nature 

Something they never had dealt with

Treating you like a child 

Like you don’t know how to deal

Like you were learning how to

 Tie your shoes for the first time

Alone is all I felt

As I sat in a house full of loved ones

Alone and disconnected

Thinking of how things got this way

Too much of what was never said 

Too much of what was never done

Too much, just too much


Wondering what is yet now to become of me?

How will life unfold from here?

Where does the river flow? 

Will It turn into sea or 

Circle back around the riverbend?

Alone at 25 feeling like 85

 With no will to die or expire

just tired.


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