Prompt 12: The Werewolf

I loved him so hard there was no room in my heart to spare
For any other feelings when he took me
Out to the lake that night. Through the canopy of trees,
The full moon illuminated the planes of his face
I thought, oh finally  when he pulled his shirt over his head
I longed for the courage to trace the line of his clavicle,
His breastbone, to caress his chest–
But I didn’t dare.
Unbuckled his belt, then the leather swish

The musical jangle as his jeans hit the ground
And his body was bared
To me. So great was my desire
That I felt no panic when he, bathed in moonlight,
Split his false skin, shucked it off and
Showed me who he really was.

I didn’t even scream
At the sight of his full glory.

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