Prompt 2: Where Were We?

For you, I have so many words

For me, you have none

You live here, a ghost in the flesh

Until the summer passes

And you haunt some other place.

You say, oh hey, I wasn’t listening

Eyes always astray

Awaiting the growth of the

green green grass

to mow, to shear away

Not this year, not this year anyway.

Maybe it was peace at last? Who knew?

We both tried to kill it, though

It’s dying by inches each day.

You’re my invincible friend

And my implacable enemy

But I forget where we were

Were we trying to forgive?

Or trying to separate

So that it will be less sad

When you disapparate?

We’ll just wait and see, maybe you’re right.

And that’s how summer passed

Without any rain to make the grass green again

Do I hold on before it’s too late?

For you I have so many words

But there’s no point in saying them

Because you forgot where we were

Maybe it’s better that way

Maybe it’s not a place we should try

To recall, to retain

Maybe this is not something we should try

To regain.


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