There was something quite different about this time around

I missed the others… 

the part where you turn to the left or to the right and catch a glimpse of knowing 

The absence of the crowd, of Caitlyn and Jacob, cheering us on 


Energy moves faster than matter 

And I felt each blow as my feet hit the ground this marathon

The silence sometimes deafening 

Me on the road…

The first time my alarm sounded about fifteen minutes to two am It was strange to write in my notes 

Instead of checking in with the other runners 

Constructed without WiFi 

Oh how we depend on machine consciousness for connection 

It just didn’t feel right by 4:00 but I wrote anyway and then again at 5 and 6 and 7 and 8 and now once again at 9 

Time for work but I’ll have to skip away to

Post what I found fresh out of dreamspace 

Love wins and I am thankful for this inspiration and the opportunity to conjure creative flow in such a way 

I will always cherish The Poetry Marathon 

Looking forward to joining my fellow marathoners once again

#Unofficial2018poetrymarathon #noprompt #nointernetinthemiddleofthenight #latepost


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