prompt 8 paper lies

paper lies

in the beginning there was love and land and all those relations held together by wants and longing to be better in places closer to all the truths humans thought they knew until they didn’t hear the voice of Love

until they killed it

over and over so the lap of creation burned the love out of the secrets shared from the centre of the universe by whispers from angels who lost faith in us when we lost faith in each other, twisting stories into truths or poke out the eyes of those who claim to live the word instead of just singing it.

lately i don’t believe any of them unless they lead with love once more.

(c) r. l. elke

2 thoughts on “prompt 8 paper lies

    1. thank you. I get so cynical about religion. The first book that popped into my head was the Bible. LOL. I am not sure why. Maybe because my hatred for “The Church” right now tastes like bile all the time.

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