Pre-Marathon Post 2017

This year my marathonning will be complicated by life, but then again, what creative activity ever isn’t?

I’ve become a cliché, a writer who pays the bills with bartending job. That means weekends are most usually all work and no writing. In addition to that, my Saturday shift (a. k. a. the first day of the marathon) falls on my boyfriend’s and mine 5th anniversary. Just before he’s about to move to another country to study.

For the start of the marathon I will be at work, and join in a bit later, afterwards, while simultaneously having celebratory drinks, and continue on the Sunday while having leaving drinks on his going away party. I signed up for the half, but I’m aiming for the full, and even if I fail… I don’t think anyone really fails this, even if I write only 5 poems, I will have succeeded.

And I hope this will give me the kick I need into starting to juggle my life much better than I’m doing it now. Wish me luck.

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