Crystal Part 1

I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror

Shadows cast dark circles under my sunken eyes that have been open for far too long

The soothing sound of Thom Yorke “I keep falling over, I keep passing out when I see a face like you”

The running water from the bathtub eased my anxiety

I peeled my clothes off

My cotton t-shirt stuck to my sweat soaked skin

My jeans grabbed on to me as I tried to pull them off

The cold tile on the bathroom floor was only a slight refrain from the heat that was leaking from my body

I could get through this,

I could do this.

I submerged my body into the icy cold water, as my body slid against the side of the tub.

If I could just hold out a little while longer, then I would be through the worst of it.

I wanted more than anything for my body to stop craving her. I didn’t want to be with her anymore

I didn’t want to need her.

I’ve wasted so many hours addicted to her.

The night would fade into the day and the day would fade into the night and as long as I had Crystal, that’s all I needed.

This was going to be the end, I swore to myself.

I was so never wrong in my life

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