Save the Books

Leave your children, you can have more
Forget your pets, new ones can be found
Forget your car, it is a dead weight
Forget your clothes, they will turn to dust

Books. Save your books. Save as many as your two arms can carry.
No, as your two shoulders can carry. A backpack full of books
Save them.
It’s double helpful you see, because you’re removing fuel from the fire.
In time, the pages will be curled from frequency of use
instead of the instant heat of flames
Those words in books you see, when they’re gone, they’re gone forever
No flotsam floating in the sludge
And in space at the end of the world, just carbon will fill the air.
Even the person whose memorized their words will pass.
And the words, the wisdom will be gone forever.
Their words cannot be written on earth or air and spun into cloth.
The books are worth saving.
Always save the books.

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