Candles Turn Bulbs To Sunlight(Prompt 20)

it started with a smirk,

she lighted my candles with the smallest of sparks,

she then made eyecontact,

i was baited,

the blessing i got from Christ to write,

about moments so pure,

her smirk lit the candle stick that was my attention,

the smirk turned into a grin,


the struggle was to shy away from the eyecontact,

maybe she felt like i was the one,

maybe the same way i was feeling,

still hooked,

mentally shook,

looked at my zip,

thinking the look was because i was unhooked,

i’m wearing joggers!

emotionally took,

to the bleachers,

the bulb switched on,

she had planted her roots,

here’s a little boy in a man’s body,

shacking to my boots,

smirk bait,

grin bait,

the voice atook,

dragged me to cloud 9,

wait she made the fist move,

you slack again,

still deep in my thoughts,

accepting the in my presence God’s angel,

who had done one over me,

bait, hook and took,

i stopped starring,

her face beautiful,

afraid if i gaze too long i’ll be awestruck,

the arrival of a kind sun,

she was made for me,

well i thought so,

the sun sets too,

but our frequent on and off romances lit my insecurities out in the open,

her souls sun burnt them crisp,

it was all too much to handle,

the more i spent time with her,

the more i became tipsy,

i thank God for her,


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