I Entered Alone, And Like That I Will Leave

do not call me lonely,

i find sufficient company within myself,

i find sufficient happiness within myself,

i am not a clown,

t quote Ropa i am an entire circus,

born to live and change i came into the world alone,

and when i left my mother’s arms i felt the cold,

the riveting winds that would slit legs,

leaving you cold and called,


i tried love and i’ve noticed love picks it’s favourites,

picks its friends and kills other feelings and is the cause of most betrayal,

i;’m not lonely,

don’t call me that,

i just find sufficient happiness in solitude,

barricading the dust that was once my heart in Area 51 type fortitude,

a heart that was broken to specks but the last one ran it over with a tar ram,

so i guarded what i thought was love and fed ut to the dust that is my heart,

it fed me back,

and gave birth to happiness,

i will forever find gratitude in solitude


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