3am – nineteen – no title

my eyes grow heavy
my brain slows
the pen and paper are
mocking me
IDEA! i start the next
poem – only to
scribble out those
first horrible lines…
i struggle to string the
words together…
then suddenly i start
to write!
amazingly a poem forms
in the wee hours
of light…

2 thoughts on “3am – nineteen – no title

  1. This one was especially true for me between about hours 4-22 this year. Even though I was writing I was struggling immensely to string together a coherent thought. Tried caffeine, tried alcohol, tried a hot shower, a hot meal, some cuddle time on the couch with my dogs. Nothing was working. Tried a mini power nap even. Eventually had to power through it and just keep putting pen to paper. Every piece we write won’t always be an award winner, and that doesn’t mean we have failed. Great poem.

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