Love #16

How was the bus ride?
Birds singing at dawn
Here’s a pretty leaf for you
Did you see the moon tonight?
Humming an old song
Take a nap, I’ll call you
Did you have dinner?
Sticky notes on the wall
I’ll save a seat for you
How was today?
A tiny cup of coffee
When I get home, I’ll tell you
Can I help with that?
Splashing water in your face
The sunshine looks good on you
What is your favourite memory?
Listening to you fall asleep
Call me when you’re feeling low
Are you okay?
There’s no one else here but us
Here’s a song for you
What’s on your mind?
I don’t think you should do that
I care about this and about you
Will you listen to the world with me?
Let me hold you too
Can I sit with you for a while?
I miss you.

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