Some things I should have told you #6

In no particular order
I like the colour blue,
Every time the baby cries, I remember amma
How she cried too when the days got hard
That time you brought me a flower
I dreamt about a garden at night
I don’t write as much as I should
I am afraid of words and what they do
I want to go to Amsterdam some day
You’re the only person who has seen me cry
When my brother was twenty, he left home
I wait for him to return sometimes
One day I watched the stars
And realized I was not lost
I’ve kept the little note you wrote in a diary
I hope I won’t have to throw it away
I have a friend who will bring me sunflowers
When I realize my days are few
There’s a little box in my head locked with a key
Inside is a book and a photograph of you laughing
I liked it when you laughed
It made me think of home
When I said even songbirds stop singing
I wished it wasn’t true
That day I let you go, I wanted you to stay.

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