That Subtle Phrasing

Late at night in desert gloom, the storm breaks.

There is no such thing as peace when Nature

rains down her passionate kiss to this dry earth.

The slithery serpent serpentines to his den,

the scorpion clawing at raindrops, vacantly

staring at the heavens with small black eyes.

I with child in arms, so much a child myself,

with eyes wide and heart pounding rapidly

watch as Nature outdoes herself.


Hello all, I am Sara Anderson. Pardon my off-the-cuff, it’s that time of night when the youth are restless and little else can entertain an idle mind. I look forward to posting up poetry in this marathon; though I may need help with the cocoa family(coffee and chocolate. Not that druggist third cousin, that’s a bit too much for any sane mind.)

So then, this is my salutations. Greetings one and all, all you beautiful people.

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