Whole Once More

You are not invisible, though you walk in the shadows of this world.
You are not alone, though you journey on your own.
The heaviness in your heart is a fettered weight,
anchored to the sorrows of the past and the unknowns of the future.
But I will steady your trembling breath.
I will turn your burning tears into the silky petals of nature.
My hand holds your heart, I will be your heartbeat when you faint.
My arms are wrapped tightly around you, I cannot let you go.
It is against my nature.
You do not cry alone this night, or any other night.
Open your eyes and see.
Trust, and see me.
I will remove the weights from your soul.

When you break and shatter, I feel your soul tearing apart,
and though you silently wish for death, I will hold you through it.
I will not let you bleed or flake away.
I will heal every broken piece within you, until you are whole once more.


4th of 12

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