A Shoulder, Venting


Needy friends…
Do you know what burdens you place upon me?
You’re always crying,
“We need, we need.”

What are you good for…
You always have too many individual issues
to ever listen to what I have going on.

You never ask how my day is going…
Well, at least not with an open ear.
I have issues in life too.
“We need… we need.”

Maybe I should just walk away…
and let you face your problems on your own.
Think you would be able to handle that?
“We need! We need…”

Selfish? Maybe…
but I wish, just once,
that you would care to know what troubles I am facing.
“We need! We need!”

I’ll just suck it up… like always,
and continue to be your crying shoulder.
Maybe one day you’ll finally hear me cry,
“I need! I need!”


Your Shoulder

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