Lonely, Old Shoe

Lonely, old shoe
in the alley,
where did you come from?

Are you all alone in this world?
Where is your match?
Is the other of you lost, too?

Did your owner leave you behind?
For what reason?
Were you too small?
Too big?
Too broken?
Or just in the way?

Or are you meticulously placed here?

Was your owner in trouble?
Did she have to fling you off to escape an offender, or officer?

Were you left behind on a trail
for someone to find your owner,
like Cinderella tale?

Were you ripped off of your owner by a dog?

Were you flung off in a heat of passion,
never to be found again?

Or was your owner pretending you were hidden treasure,
that was lost track of in the midst of play?

Whenever you came from,
I bid to leave you where you lie.
Perhaps your owner will return,
and you will have a reunited cry.

Lonely, old shoe in the alley,
all my current best I am sending.
Lonely, old shoe in the alley,
I wish you a Happy Ending.

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