hour 7. 3:48 PM.

what’s on your mind?
what did I do wrong this time?
why are your hands shaking?
why is your voice breaking?

you’re saying something about a mistake…
i’m so sorry, what’s the mistake that i’ve made?

please, why are you crying?
here, let me wipe away your tears…
did i do something wrong again?
i promise, i love you, i swear…

wait, why are you shaking your head?
why are you telling me to shut up?
okay, okay, i’m listening, please,
drink this for your hiccups.

you’re showing signs of a long lost lover.
you’re saying, you had one too many drinks.
you’re brushing the cigarettes off the counter
as you pour the Budlight down the sink.

you won’t meet my eyes,
you’re pulling away from my hand.
the confession from your lips
makes me wonder why i trusted you again.

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