Hour Fifteen

I, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave you:

My mind-

Where dreams of greatness once manifested,

Where a plethora of useless knowledge once swam,

Where words of wisdom once danced,

Where hopes and aspirations once congregated,

Where fond memories now lie.

My hands-

That once held the precious cargo of my future,

That once caressed the intimate places of ones who promised forever,

That once cradled my head weary of the world,

That once clenched in outrage, anger, and grief,

That once rose in compliance and surrender.

My heart-

Full of love for ones deserving and undeserving,

Full of admiration for those who stood brave and strong,

Full of compassion for the downtrodden and despaired,

Full of regret for chances not taken and mistakes made,

Full of sorrow for broken trust and untruth.

My soul-

Which embodies all of me:

Every thought, every feeling, every hope, every dream, every memory, every secret of who I was truly meant to be.

Mind, Hand, Heart, and Soul: My Legacy for You…

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