Hour Sixteen


I find myself with hope
I found once in a dream
It has helped me cope
This elaborate scheme
Like washing with soap
To be bright as a beam

And to be that beam
It is my hope
So I continue my scheme
Which helps me cope
I live my dream
In bubbles of soap

Bubbles of soap
Cleanly beam
My only hope
This crazy scheme
And still I cope
Because it is my dream

Yes, I have a dream
Built on soap
I’ll continue to beam
I’ll continue to hope
I’ll follow this scheme
How else do I cope

Sincerely I cope
With this wild dream
Holding the hope
One day I’ll beam
Without any soap
Without any scheme

The end of the scheme
No need to cope
Now a new dream
I’ve run out of soap
And now I’ll beam
With a new hope hope

So my hope and my scheme
From my dream I did cope                  Just soap to make me beam

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