HOUR 16 Her Third Eye


She’s a psychic in denial.

as everyone knows.

She’ll deny her third eye

though  brightly it glows.


Along with her aura

she will deny

that her aura bangs it

right out of the sky.


Ask her a question

she’ll tell  you

the truth.


No fudge in her answers

she’ll brutally bruise.


She’s a little pudgy

men flock like flies

she could care less,

her love is true, no lies.


Centered on earth

her faith has been



No glory in war, but

what does that matter?

She fights the light

that comes and goes.


She fights the light,

not darkness you see.

For the light keeps on

calling both you and me.


Don’t get her wrong,

she hates the dark,

and all that it stands for.


Evil versus Goodness

and sometimes it wins, but

she encapsulates sweetness

and let’s the light in.


Don’t be confused

with the one you will seek

when leaving this earth,

when climbing that peak.


In her heart and in her soul

though she will deny it

a mighty force grows.


Bring her your questions,

bring her your fears.

she’ll always try to help you

and clear up some tears.


Now you may feel this person, is you

I know first hand, there’s more than a few

Remember, she will deny her third eye

She’s a psychic in denial, but she’ll never lie.




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