HOUR 18 Veirdoff… who needs it!

Veirdoffus Chuben… who needs it!


I have so many stories all of them true

most about dogs,  as I’ve had a few.

From shepherds to dobies and a mixture or two.


Let me start with our shepherd,

who had a friend Benjy,

a beagle he knew.


Our dog was named, Veirdoff, one of a kind.

My mother named him or he’d be left behind.

It’s a deal that we made, to take him home.

That big pawed puppy, if only we’d known.


“So who needs it?” Is the translation, you see;

a name he would carry without shame.


Veirdoff was a smart one, yet dumb in some ways.

When his friends came to call, he bolted like the wind.


This cute puppy grew to a beast of a dog

so his friends learned to use his strength.


Let me explain a thing or two

before I divulge, what he did.


One day he came home with a large gash

on his nose that didn’t seem to bother him.

He didn’t complain, but we called  anyway.


His vet said to use, blah, blah from the house

and it would heal, quickly, without a bandaid.


To our dismay the lesion remained

without getting any better.

Just when we, were going to call for 

an appointment; he was spotted, across our lawn.


We watched as Benjy and a new friend

got out of the way, for Veirdoff.


Lo and behold, there was our dog, brave as can be,

removing a metal garbage lid with his nose. 

From our neighbor’s, trash can, no less.


Yes, he used his nose to lift off the lid,

then he put his front paws on the side

of the pail, to tip it.


As soon as it tipped, Benjy and friend

dove in for buffet, while Veirdoff stood

guard, behind them.


We watched his escapade

from start to finish

not a scrap did he have

in his mouth.


We opened the door and called him;

his buddies ran, leaving him alone

to face the doggie music.


Of course he could’t clean the mess they made

so we picked up the smelly garbage remains.


There’s many a story to be told about Veirdoff,

our big boned shepherd, a pooch to behold!





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