HOUR 13 Wrapped!


I stole myself away.

They didn’t know how strangled I felt.

The umbilical chord still attached

wrapped tightly round my neck.


I didn’t mean to hurt anyone or put fear in their hearts.

I wanted freedom, I wanted a new start.


I said goodbye to only a few

not the ones that mattered.

I wrenched a heart, that was easy to claim.

He kept his promise, but cried all night.


I didn’t realize the pain I had caused

when setting my pain free.

I wanted freedom, an apartment and

of course my own key.


I was missing, no where to be found.

I was happy, delirious with joy, while

they were crying, worried and scared.

I had no idea, I didn’t care. I was free.


Was I alone? Well I’ll never tell.

I went missing, they were in hell.

Do I regret it? I guess in some ways.


I wish there had been, a better way

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