What strange lethargy
overcomes me in Zoom

The strain of looking
attentive and presentable
in the long stretches
of listening, not talking.

How odd that water bottles
are not much in evidence.
Everyone must be uptight
in those Zoom-scapes.
At least we don’t need
to wear a mask!

Inspired, perhaps, by my
virtual bucolic background, my
mind drifts after an imagined
firefly to a rustic cottage
above treeline, where once
I relished my hot porridge,
sitting on a tree stump,
eating outside with my aunt.

3 thoughts on “Daydream

  1. This is wonderful. Such a good technology poem. You had my attention from that opening line “What strange lethargy
    /overcomes me in Zoom/ meetings!” and the close, “eating outside with my aunt” kept my attention in every way.

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