Hour Five. Morning Star.

I fell like a star from the sky

A ball of flame to blackened ground

As I stood in darkness

Fallen from the heights

Of great and luminous beings

I stood on earth liberated

I felt free and well

To think as I please

A challenger to that tyrant

Who would call himself god

No man is god to me

and no man should be

a god but to himself.

I stood amoungst man

Who called me Morning star,

Lucifer to their tongue,

I am the great illuminator,

Of light and knowledge

Of truth for oneself,

I gave them their right

to their own minds.

Of knowledge for good,

Or evil, No one being

purely either

I gave them also burning desire

For knowledge and truth,

For passion and pleasure,

For hate and love,

For the coo of a dove,

Or the howl of the wolf

That primal nature

Which all men harbor

For power and glory

For their own honour

Man stood mystified and fearful

Then some lamented

Their loss of innocence

Some foolishly wished only for bliss

A blind kiss from some misbegotten holiness

But you cannot have joy without pain

You cannot know glory without first knowing disdain

A man can’t truly live life without death

A life isn’t lived without loss

For with nothing to lose there is nothing to gain

So I be a snake in the sand?

Or am I something more grand?

Truth must be sought

Like Liberty is forever fought

While some kneel or bow

I stand strongly sound

Forever a rebel

I fight for my own heart!




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