Poetry Marathon Hour 10:

Prompt: If I could make one thing vanish forever, it would be < this is a prompt from the teal version of Burn after Writing


Poem 10:

If everything could last despite

the absence of Time – I wonder

what kind of world we would be

living in if Father Time simply


decided to be no more. Would

that mean the end of dementia

or rather the end of everything.


  • — – — – Nope, nope, nope not liking where this one is going. New prompt, new direction

“paint on your hands”

Poem 10 take 2:


With paint on your hands

we are crowded beneath

the things you create and

the versions of people we

have always wanted to be,

but never figured out how

to actually become. Darling,

you and I have always been

the better parts of each other

but this – this is too beautiful

not to share with the world.


-M. Rene’

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One thought on “Poetry Marathon Hour 10:

  1. Reading this gave me the feeling that I was reading a character in a book. That the character was writing a journal, and we were hearing their first person thoughts. And they said no, not going there. Let’s start over. Then it leads me to the imagery of a couple, nice and sweet and clearly in love. Felt like early love. Was that original character writing about that couple? Good story. 🙂

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