Not The End

I see the first prompt on my computer screen,

Was so excited to begin.. But!! Wait.

Whhhaaat? To begin you must write about ‘The End’

So my brain cells jump to action, I grab my notebook and pen,

And turn all spontaneous only to end up chewing off my pen’s end.

I cannot think of a proper end that ever happened

Because isn’t that a saying that “Endings lead to new beginnings.” And nothing fades away.

When one love story ends another one blooms. And I won’t write about movie endings.

They are so abrupt. Walking hand in hand to the moon, a happily ever after awaits. Really?

And about the world ending. I know some days things seem pretty bad, the News Channels shouting the World’s coming to an End.

But what I feel is From utter chaos From Big Bang From the end,

We will begin again.

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