AS THE ALARM CLOCK on the chest of drawers exploded like a horrid little bomb of bell metal, Dorothy, wrenched from the depths of some complex, troubling dream, awoke with a start and lay on her back looking into the darkness in extreme exhaustion.

Her head was pounding, and for a moment, she wondered why someone would use a hammer on her head. She realized quickly that she was all alone in her room; alone in her bed. She inhaled deeply, the cold air in her frigid room. Suddenly, Dorothy remembered what had occurred and what, and she felt as if she would swoon.

She reached for her robe and struggled trying to get up. Dorothy finally managed to make it out of bed, and make it to the sink. The water was icy cold, instantly freezing her naked skin. She could not believe that she was in her current state.

After taking a drink Dorothy slowly walked away and back to her bed.Before lying down she took medicine to calm her head. She almost felt relieved that she was in some pain, because it was better, than what faced her the next day.

Stanza 1 : A Clergyman’s Daughter;

Author: George Orwell

Harcourt Brace & Company

Copyright 1936

By: KMH 2015


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