Isabel Allende


is a tale of two unfortunate lovers

they lived in another time;

another place,

in a small Chilean town

two brothers battled each other

fighting for Eleanor’s favor and love

one brother, proud an jealous

and the other, pure of heart

one day the jealous brother told Eleanor a nefarious lie

that his brother had run off with another

Eleanor felt as if she would die

she ran away,

to another town

to live out the rest of her years,

where she could roam

and make a home,

to be left alone with her tears

then one day she returned

to the house her family owned,

and the haughty brother summoned her

for he was ill and near death

he wanted to make wrong a right

and finally confessed

he told poor Eleanor that everything was a lie

his brother too, pined for her

and had spent his years in wait

only sorrow and a broken heart to pass the days

then she ran out into the garden

and there the second brother was

they ran toward another

with tears filling their eyes

By: KMH 2015

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