most vain

a mere reflection without any warmth, feeling or regard

cold, sharp, clear, unforgiving

attention seeking

never seizing

witness of the beauty, tenderness, anger, and sorrow of each heart

 large and rotund you hang there each and every day

when I leave, you seem to tease, beseeching me to stay

for a while longer at least…

and when the sun shines brightly, you force me to cover my eyes

it is part of your nature, not to care, should I happen to go blind

other times you are so revealing that I must look away

you show my insecurities and weaknesses

you embarrass me too much, to want to stay

but each day, I leave you there

a silent witness to my life

cold, sharp, clear and unforgiving

from you, I cannot hide

By: KMH 2015

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