Little Boy

Twenty years ago, a little boy was born,

growing up so fast, oh where the time has gone?

Childhood just a blur, toys now left behind

little boy’s a man, the memories are kind.

He grew up too fast, I hold fast to him

can’t let him go, time is quickly trimmed.

not much I can do; really have no choice.

Little boy is grown, and he does have a voice

oh his childhood years, how they flew so fast

longing for that time, that wasn’t meant to last.

He will go his way, that time is almost here

little boy of mine, I’ll always hold him dear.

Treasuring that time, when we had been so close.

quite a funny time, he thought kissing was gross

can’t hold back those years, though I wish I could

to proudly let him go, the happy tears are good

I always knew he wouldn’t stay forever

little boy I love, he won’t lose that not ever.


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