Dear Future Michael,

Dear Future Michael,

Starla is trying

Please don’t begrudge her the long hours,
or the overflowing emotions. Those
are why you fell for her in the first place.
A “colorful” girl with a crazy perspective,
no truer partner could she have found,
than you.

She knows you’re tired. She’s tired too.
The pair of you built a life together
pulled straight from the ashes of
your social lives and your time to sleep.
Keep working together. There’s nothing
you do better.

She loves you. As much as the day you met.
Much more, in fact, because
that love grows each day. Every time you
hold her, kiss her, cheer her up
after a bad day,
she remembers what it felt like
to be seventeen and head over heels for
you and only you.

You are an amazing man. You have made her
a happy woman, something she thought
she would never be.
You are loved.
You are SO appreciated.
You are the man of her dreams.

Thank you Mike.

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