The Urgency of Age

The Urgency of Age


Ironic that we slow down

when there’s so much more to do.

Nightmares of running and running,

but never reaching the destination.


Fear of dying before

the camel ride to Uluru.

Signs over New Zealand and Australia say,

“Closed for COVID. Try back next year.”

Worry that those French Chateaux,

older than I, will not wait.

We’ll miss sharing that superb bottle of wine,

cellared for a special occasion.


Years are precious.

Patience wears thin

between holidays and visits with family.


3 thoughts on “The Urgency of Age

  1. Sue, this eloquently captures the fears of so many of us, fears that mostly lay dormant until Covid roused them. But not only the content resonates: the specific listed items enchant.

  2. The title is perfect and the poem lived up to it! I agree with Britton and this piece captures the worries and fears that this past year brought to those of us, gathering years. Love this line: ‘We’ll miss sharing that superb bottle of wine,/
    cellared for a special occasion.’

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