All It Takes (2022)

All it takes is a picture A simple social media post An update of how well he’s doing And there’s a twinge in my heart All it takes is a few drops Of summer rain cascading from the sky A reminder of things she loved…

Hidden Anxiety (2021)

I suspected that You were inside me, hiding But didn’t know how much I’ll try to ignore Tell myself I’ll be okay As my tears run down


  Misgiving Emotions are fleeting, but leave shadows in their wake. They follow stalk-eyed, peering through magnified lenses–watching as you undress. the folds of clothing fall in crumpled heaps and the voices slither from them, drumming the ear like fingers on a table. waiting patiently…

Hour Eight: My stupid obsessions

I hate all the thoughts that keep me awake because my mind refuses to relax taking my body along for the ride long after I have closed my eyes Because my mind refuses to relax I toss and turn and worry and fret and strain…

Beautiful Sleep

Awake . . .  My eye are open My mind is still sleeping; In a way. I want to go back to sleep; Still I am here… Creating… Not very well . . I’d venture, right now. This is not my time . . ….

Impossibilities #1

If the house ever caught fire (knock on wood) and there was only one thing I could grab before the smoke was too thick to breathe, I would stand, petrified, in awe of how precious every single thing appeared to a heart I thought jaded.