Hour 12: looking through my own eyes

How do you see with the eyes of wholeness? What spiritual trick is there to open that window? No trick that I can find, but perhaps the most important step is the first: simply open your eyes and look, really look, at yourself. I ask…

Poem 6

Her eyes were the most beautiful golden color I had ever seen, yet still she longed for brown eyes like her sisters. She carried herself with the kind of confidence that could only be used to hide insecurities. She loved horses but was terrified to…

HOUR FIVE: Technology

myPhone   sluggish eyes drooping waning fast blinded by the bright moving frame i can’t imagine a world without my head hurting from so much focus on a screen.

Poem 6

Your blue eyes… are the sky after a storm are the place where the sky and the ocean meet are a summer twilight are the peace in my soul. I could look into eternity for their beauty and calm.   Eve Remillard 6/13/2015  


Dear the boy with eyes so crystal blue, I couldn’t help but fall into, I wish you’d had a warning sign, “I’m not worth wishing you were mine”, For frozen lakes look pretty too, But one dip and you will freeze right through, Now I wonder…