My painting- it hangs On the wall above my bed The first gift I ever got (Hour 24/Haiku)

to sleep on soft bed pillows surrounding my head drift off into sleep (Hour 21/Haiku)

Candlelight flickering Feathery wings flitter fast Drawn to flame means death (Hour 20/Haiku)

Strung together deep Floating along the currents Wait in silent blue (Hour 19/Haiku)

pencil winds away stuck in unraveled plastic my mixtape is fixed (Hour 17/Haiku)


plane crash on the beach island, smoke monster, numbers purgatory all (Hour 15/Haiku)

Under the shoulders I lift Placing gently down and safe I adjust for comfort (Hour 13/Haiku) Written as a brief thought about the work I do.

tracing lines in sand quiet wind by the ocean waves lazy summer here (Hour 6/Haiku)

Haiku – Feather

Prompt 22, Hour 22 You are almost there. I’m sorry, this is the hardest part, but I think it’s time for another image prompt. Please choose one of the following images and write a poem inspired by it. All but the second image are from…

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