brrrrrr, grind the coffee woosh, add the water just right mmmmm I can move now

Your Eyes

aquamarine cool, brilliant orbs of ice wrap me and freeze my heart beat

The Goblin’s Grotto – Prompt 11, Hour 11

Cool, damp, and muddy Not one but two larger ears A horde of green friends Mushrum lurking tall Goblin beneath oh so short Eating bugs for fun Big tall humanoid Stompy Stompy go his boots Spores are on the loose Threatening Bad Time Goblins run…

Haiku – A Bird

Prompt 10, Hour 10 Please listen to Moonshadow by Cat Stevens (Here’s the handy Youtube link) and then write a poem as soon as the song ends. *** Haiku – A Bird 2020©DSCoremans A bird without wings; would travel south in winter by walking on…

Hatchling Haiku

By Sandy Lender   lift lost babe from sun body-long paddles flick air seek freedom in flight