My 2020 Epidemic

What the nuggy!! Booming man Thundering jokes Endless tales of elk horns and hidden islands. Her quiet husband, His IPA, “gimme another bitch beer.” Too sweet for me, but funny. Three admirable marriages of adorable souls make six cherished new friends. Love is everywhere Like…

My Perfect Day

No where to go. No one to be. A leisurely morning with no one but me. The freedom and space for whatever I please. I might sit down at the piano and plunk on the keys. Or take a walk through the garden, spend some…

2020 Poetry Marathon, Hour 6

Started this one, then got distracted. Back in the nick of time! Hour 6 prompt: Write about your ideal day using only imagery and sensory details.

Free Verse – My Ideal Day

Prompt 6, Hour 6 Write about your ideal day using only imagery and sensory details. It is fine if it is fragmentary. *** Free Verse – My Ideal Day 2020©DSCoremans My ideal day begins slow, cool air trickles in tracks through open windows forcing out,…

Friendship 1/2 marathon poem #6

Friendship 1/2 marathon poem #6 Feeling friendship Sensing love Needing cuddles Having fun Feeding feelings Laughing joy Wanting friendship Here today. (C) Scott Coe 2020

2:00 PM – Juggling Act (Hour 6)

Balls in the air Tossed in sequence Tossed at happenstance Tossed with irreverence Caught with hidden panic lobbied around with uncertainty shield with calm and grace    

#6 A Perfect Day

Waking up under red curls, hot breath and thrown, tiny bodies.   Little rag dolls.   The fur of dogs rising and falling over my pillows.   Joshua Tree Breakfast Bliss coffee.   Chocolate for breakfast.   Bob Dylan.   Mountains, rivers, farms or beaches….

There’s Maybe a Light

I pluck a wilderness To match the warm darkness. I snuggle into a ball, Feeling the cold begin to touch my head. I squint, There’s maybe a light, Maybe a light. Make me a light.

Every Day Sheros (2:00 PM) – edit done (Hour 6)

~ D², @d2poetry Every morning wake up get dressed ensure everyone is fed pack lunches with a snack load ‘em up carpool to school shuttle to the job answer calls calls made serve up food tables cleaned attach part “A” to part “B” break for…

Welcome to my little corner of the world

This is my apartment my refrigerator is either freezing cold or room temperature This is my desk where my computer is I prepare to do everything here This is my sofa—it’s orange! I do everything here This is my car the CD player is broken…