Weekly Result

Congratulations on completing your fifty second Parkrun and your first at Falkirk you were the eightieth female in a field of two hundred and eight and sixth in your age category. Your time was thirty nine minutes and eighteen seconds You achieved an age score…

For Beginners

Shuffle ball Shuffle ball Ball change Touch Heel step Step heel Heel step Three point turn Single buffalo With the beat Ready? Go!

Hour 16

A lifetime of love For my child that will never be born, for my heart that I have never known. I would give up a lifetime of love for myself, if that meant for the children of tomorrow to live life freely. Without fearing an…

That Was My Mom!

Strong and enduring Multitasking everyday Seguing into roles With almost no delay. Planner, economist, Administrator, teacher, Sometimes nurse, Sometimes chauffeur. Housekeeper,decorator, Par excellence The family’s first Line of defence. Primary care-giver Entertainer, singer, Whose soft lullabies Still linger In my memory… Who was she?


You, almost silent Musical prophecies with rarely discernible words but energies A self-made metaphor for your life Speak to me In a language crafted in the minuscule pause between heartbeats While I shout Everything Loud Words Are the accumulated wealth of my lifetime’s Work Laid…

Not Personnel

The seats faced backwards so medical personnel could face the patients…   I was not medical personnel; I was a 6 year old child flying home with my Mother On the only flight available To get ‘home’ from home – RAF Wildenrath – quickly, So…

Love is You

Doing things I can’t do Doing things I don’t want to do Overcoming my fear Just to do things with you Going the miles extending patience Face people overcoming shyness Dancing the steps and other odd things I never did in my existence Waiting no…

More than Words

Are you warm enough? Make sure you have some broccoli. I saw this in the store and it reminded me of you. You’re welcome. Would you like a back rub? You look tired. Do you want to talk about it. I’m here for you. Count…

Sailing Home

the salt breeze blowing through my hair mountains in silhouette at sunset and you.

Planning on the Go

You’ve done nothing! You know how important this is to me, to us. Yet nothing is done. Don’t say anything! Not to me. I don’t want your Platitudes and hypocrisy. I want schedules, reservations. Dammit! I want itineraries. People have driven for CENTURIES Without GPS….