Odd (14)

This randomness is brought to you by the letter 2 and the number Q.

Box (13)

I am having a superlatively hard time looking at the house we chose, knowing it is no longer my house, that it will never be my home. I am awkward, a guest, an interloper into the life you are building, choices push us apart, then…

Zero to Sixty (12)

I was a rocket ship always at Cape Canaveral waiting for a punch to my ignition that would launch me into the stratosphere. Over the years I taught myself to maintain a very even 30MPH. Less stress to the chassis easier on the engine, keeping…

Code (11)

The hieroglyphics are etched into the bones. Messages from the past lives or carrying instructions into the future. Linquist? Anthropologist? Who shall read the symbols as they were intended or as they prophesize? Doctors? Physicists? Who can explain these stories on my bones, in my…

Inside (10)

I wonder if … If I could bite off a piece of your flesh. If I can swallow it make it a part of me. If that will ensure our never being separated.

Scar 2 (9)

Silvery ripples across my hips flowing thickly towards my thighs unnoticed until the sun bronzes my skin but leaves these symbols untouched. I cup my bare breasts, lifting turning this way and that to catch a twinkle. Faintly, twins of the lower branches wink in…

Joy Hides (8)

In your palm and I feel it when I hold your hand. In the baby’s cry and I feel it knowing the world goes on. In your voice and I feel it when you whisper good morning. In the dog tag’s jangle and I feel…

Ever (7)

I smile because in the stillness I feel fully our emotions. I sink into your essence which is a fragrant almond oil perfuming my skin. I immerse into the warm thickness of it how it cocoons me, closes in with security and sanctuary. This stillness…

B (6)

Big B, little b what begins with B? Booze. I don’t drink as much as I used to, but the way the lips bop together on the B and then the kissable shape from the oooooooooooooooooo, followed by the buzzing ZZZZZZZ. It’s a nice word.

Haiku(s) (5)

Sometimes I am sad Green-eyed cri de coeur hasten down pale Irish cheeks. When my third eye sees the beauty of your old soul my heart skips a beat. Ennui as quicksand your hand pulls me to safety blood moon guards us both.