Wild Life Tale (prompt 27 and 28, Hour 22)

My sister’s first mistake was to buy a house with her ex-husband. Her second was to buy that house, with a pool. We were raised on the coast—fished, swam and surfed. So sand crabs and jellyfish, sea urchins and sharks were just part of our…

Wild Corners

Green Grey, brown Competing Colours of life Sprawl across the map in patchwork patterns. Blocks of brick flats stand almost back-to-back But still a patch Of wild ground Is found Here, There, Spaces In between The managed land A sudden spark of wilderness breaks forth….

Concrete Jungle

Skyscrapers emerge like great stalagmites Their tops wreathed in mist Streets cobweb like the veins of a leaf People are talking, laughing, yelling In English, French, Russian Not everyone understands one another But some do We gather at watering holes to feed Go out in…

Vulpine Visit

In the twilight, yellow eyes catch the light Spilling from the kitchen window into the garden. Half in shadow, white-tipped brush stands alert Watching for a hostile human leaving the house. Through the fence posts, russet-gold pours itself Travelling the wastelands on little fox feet….


She created you, birthed you from her own flesh and bone Every atom, every twist of DNA Was all by Her design. You were once the spring leaf Of an old tree long gone. You were the mud on the riverbank. You were the star…

Prompt 3 H3- Apartment

Inside I alone am awake Silence is deafening until the computer suddenly hums An enormous fan nearly drowning all else out. Despite its noise I hear so much more Outside are birds, finches, swallows and crows Perhaps a raven an occasional duck But only rarely,…

Strandbeests (prompt 20)

A collection of plastic and string and wings; part stick insect, part sailboat, walking kinetic sculptures from the realm of fantasy moving up and down the beaches unsupervised and avoiding the water with no technology at all.   Just stored energy applied to actions, like…

Hour ten

Your sorrows will fade like the night sky fades— from black to blue from blue to pink.   The dawn will come.

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