Prompt 3 H3- Apartment

Inside I alone am awake Silence is deafening until the computer suddenly hums An enormous fan nearly drowning all else out. Despite its noise I hear so much more Outside are birds, finches, swallows and crows Perhaps a raven an occasional duck But only rarely,…

Strandbeests (prompt 20)

A collection of plastic and string and wings; part stick insect, part sailboat, walking kinetic sculptures from the realm of fantasy moving up and down the beaches unsupervised and avoiding the water with no technology at all.   Just stored energy applied to actions, like…

Hour ten

Your sorrows will fade like the night sky fades— from black to blue from blue to pink.   The dawn will come.


Different looks and poisons Make your web, unique and mighty  Curiosity draws them near you Fear, or respect, run them away  Simple yet complex Perfect and flawed Irresistible and undesired  Daunting and appealing  Eight legs, one spider Real or fake is a powerful tike jj2017

Ivy Tendrils

Swaying lightly in the breeze, hang her tendrils. Ivy, green, they reach all the way to the dusty, forest floor.   Her mighty oak branches, dressed in mosses and ferns are beautiful, no doubt, but it’s her verdant hair that enamors me more.        


A school trip becomes an escape to get lost in my favorite place Crispy leaves crunching under foot Birds fly over head that like to avoid the city The chill in the air is perfect for the apple picking season The scent of the cider…

Photo: Shala Lang

Hour one.

Earth— your tongue— flowers bloom   Fire— your body— engulfs me   Water— your kisses— quench my thirst   Wind— your touch— makes me feel