Hour 9

I search the treeline For that one opening I know Will lead to the tiny cottage You and I built For the end of the world I need to sit And take a break Before I break But how strange it is That I just…

Hour 7: Season of Springs

I want to live my life In a season of eternal springs With new beginnings And budding opportunities Always having the chance To blossom and grow.

Hour 6

On a moss covered path Deep in the forest I walk to find peace A slight breeze greets me And kisses my cheek Slivers of light Make their way Through outreached branches As if to say Come, hold my hand We’ve been waiting for you…

Hour 4: A Letter to My Reflection

A Letter To My Reflection Dear lost little girl I want you to know something I see you And when I say I see you I mean I am you We’re older now With laugh lines that rest In the corners of our mouth And…

Hour 2: What I Needed

I thought what I wanted Was to feel butterflies again Until she showed up And gave me fireflies in a jar Lighting up my darkness

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