Danny, by himself in these winter months, long carpeted hallways- cycling past doors Danny was not alone, the woman in 217, his mother, the twins Hallorann’s shine reached out … and they stayed with him forever © Nicole Harlow (grenbisous)

You are my favorite flavor. You taste of salt, tea and hot chocolate   I breathe you in. You smell of sawdust, surf and sweat   You smell like mine

El Gato Loco (Hour Eight, A Sevenling)

El Gato Loco (The Crazy Cat)   A tiny ball of orange fur, with matted eyes and flea-filled ears, we rescued her from sudden death beneath our tires.   Mothered by a long little wiener and a gentle giant Boxer, she never knew she was…

A Good Choice-Me

He prefers three things strictly: A good wife, a poet and a cup of coffee With these he can converse with anyone happily Disregards loud mouth and curses Curses that hurt and provide pains Hating unwise decisions and mess He chose me among the rest.

The Minister

He was a man of cloth A minister and mere mortal   He took communion Broke chastity Lived without confession   He never took the cloth off


I fell in love with this puppy. Her happy smile, cuddly fur, easy to train Make for a sweet relationship. Outdoors everything changes when we play– She plays fiercely, runs like the wind, and snatches every ball. She’s the best keep-away player I know. ……