Summer in Mississippi – Hour 9

Out back of the carport the bayou quivered with mayflies and June bugs and mosquitoes looking for love. A normal summer night in the south. A bare yellow lightbulb sputtered on the porch. We bet our meager allowances on how much longer it would last….

Summer Dream

Soft breeze plays gently with my hair. I close my eyes and imagine your hands brushing through the strands. The rustling of leaves in the wind whisper faintly, a reminder of your low melodic voice in my ear, breath tickling my neck. The sun behind…


Seasons drape the shadows of life The dark corners Shade of ancient oaks They hide they protect   Armour against doubt and dread Seasons drape the shadows of life Occlusion’s illusions remain Wind borne particles scurry away   Stripped bare winter’s rough hands Steal from…

Hour 7 image prompt –

A swing in yellow A field behind Always reminds me of summers past And how the winter comes on so fast The warm summer sun replaced by Brisk autumn breezes Soon replaced by frozen winter rain  

Hour 2 – Solstice – Text Prompt

Why do they care for summer? Cicadas sing to bats who shriek, Searching for their meal this evening And they’ll find just what they seek A meal’s a bounty in Summer’s set The sun’s not set and will rise early Though Night complains you’re tired…

Strawberry Summer

Once upon a summer so long ago We picked strawberries in a farmer’s field I found it delightful and so fun to eat The memories stir now as I watch them grow Thinking of those days a summer so long ago

Poetry Marathon Submission #8

The Storm Ann WJ White Shears of wind whinge up and around the ledges of mountains. Atop, cream-filled clouds pass lazily over meadows, gathering, waiting for the sultry heat to arrive and blend currents faster effort. Indeed, bend the currents out of place, heat the…

So Long… (12th Hour)

Your leave will only be for a year But I feel like I should acknowledge you It’s always fun when you come near And an even greater pleasure when you’re through I must admit, I will miss Your hot kisses Against my burning skin If…


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