Just do it

The world mocks your effort all they want to see is your accomplishment
You’re a work in progress but nobody wants to hear; they all be like nothing to show for all the pains
Deep down it hurts but you know it’s for a short while and very soon d famzing will start but not everyone believes in themselves and end up loosing their intended goal and divert just to please others
The world is a jungle and everyone is competing to be the apex predator and the king unfortunately there will surely be preys that will be consumed because they’be lost their will to fight
Where is ur will? I ask thee, what makes you, you and differentiates you from the rest, where is your drive?
Oh ye! of little faith, doubting thomas, it’s time to prove to the world wrong and let them hear the roar of a king
Believe in the passion that brings out your vision don’t mind the tension you get about the mission
It’s just a passing phase and you will get through it.

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