Sestina in the Round….

When the stars shine

they erase some illusion

and even the mystical

is included in this universe.

Too new to remember.

Too old to forget.


And yet, we do forget

to observe, to shine,

and reflect, and remember.

This is all illusion.

Our fabricated universe

is an assault on the mystical.


Is the wonder of the mystical

what we need to forget?

To appreciate the universe

in which we too shine,

what is the illusion?

Do we choose to remember?


Why would we remember?

We shroud ourselves in a mystical,

masterful illusion.

Is it time to forget

we were created to shine

and illuminate the universe?


It is only the universe,

a Source we must remember in order to shine.

To reflect the mystical

we must forget

the illusion.


A long dream is our illusion.

It exists outside the universe

where we forget

to remember

our mystical



Awaken from the illusion to remember!

The universe is our marker in the mystical.

Don’t forget to shine.




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