Prompt 11 and 12, Hour 9

Take a title of one of your favorite books and write a poem using that title as your title. Your poem can interact directly with the book or not at all. It is just the jumping off point.


Look at your bookshelf or the main page of goodreads and pick a title of a book you have never read and know very little about. Turn that title into the title of your poem. Where you go from there is up to you.

5 thoughts on “Prompt 11 and 12, Hour 9

  1. Battlefield of mind

    Volumes can I write over this
    That pace through my mind
    Every time I try to cross.

    Shackled am I, of my own thought
    That refuse to listen to me
    Even though I am leading perfect.

    Everything is possible
    To victor here
    Except for your prejudice.

    Difficult is it to change
    But I believe in right
    So crush it underneath, to shine.

  2. Lightning boy

    He’s a little magik boy
    known to fiction and real world joy
    millions love his special gift
    many enrobe themselves and lift
    their wands in unison, a rift
    and instantly the world’s adrift

    Uttering lyrical rhythmic words
    swish and flick may sound absurd
    but we adore the learned mimes
    and pretending in medieval times

    Bravery and brains alike
    Potter and friends they take a hike
    but at their heels shall always be
    whose name must not be uttered, he

    That wizard casts a glowering cloud
    ‘cross every non-death eater around
    man and woman, boy and girl
    shudder from his gloomy swirl

    But we, at Disney can pretend
    to vanquish Riddle in the end
    with scar across our muggle pates
    we raise our wands
    and dream our fates.

    – 6/22/19, Sandra Johnson

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