Prompt 3 and 4, Hour 3

Take a small walk, or just stroll around your house or apartment. When you are ready, stop, look around, take a deep breath what do you smell, feel what is near you in the air, under your feet, listen and hear what you normally miss; describe what your senses have been telling you but you have ignored.

Contributed by Stephan A. Kalinowski


Go for a walk with your phone or another recording device. When you feel ready start recording a poem out loud while you walk. It could be about the walk itself, but when I use this method I’m often surprised by what I “write” about.

When you return home type it out to post. Feel free to edit.



6 thoughts on “Prompt 3 and 4, Hour 3

  1. My mother is a great cook
    You can tell from the tantalizing aroma that wafts through the kitchen doors
    Swinging between sweet and savoury
    My taste buds ache with lingering torture
    pulling me to the source and the end
    Egusi soup made of vegetable, sweat and determination
    Teach me to trust in the work of my hands
    I won’t have to tell
    Good results will do the shouting

  2. Relaxing me

    The cooing breeze of dawn
    Phew a mingling song line
    Stirring my spirit with new hope
    To conquer stations blown
    Because nothing is impossible
    Until I say I am done.

    The first lesson of trust

    I was sitting in the garden
    When the little angel came
    Pulling her father straight to ladder
    Only to enjoy another slide.

    Bubbling with happiness sublime
    She chirped like a free bird
    Ready to fly up in air
    With her father by the side.

    Lifting up high on the slider
    She sat there refusing to leave hand
    Father said don’t fear little doll
    Daddy is right here to hold.

    Those words were like boon
    And trusted his words for once
    And left her hands to slide free
    Till his father held her on.

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