6 thoughts on “Prompt 7 and 8, Hour 6


    I remember the harsh words
    The fever pitch screaming
    The need to flee and find a place
    Of peace.

    I drove away
    Not knowing where to go
    Just following the painted lines on the asphalt
    Reflecting in the moonlight.

    Or maybe
    Reflected in the tears in my eyes.
    I don’t really know.
    Darkness plays tricks with your vision.

    In a pull off by the river
    Hidden from view in the black of night
    Away from prying eyes
    I found my peace.

    But the peace was not in that place.
    Not in the tears, the car,
    The cover of night.
    My peace was in you.

    I drove fiercely back,
    Following those same reflective lines,
    The asphalt flying by like a jet stream.
    Home to our door.

    I remember the love that steered my heart home,
    The frantic need to throw open the door
    And run madly into your arms.
    To say I was sorry, and that you were everything.

    But the door was locked.
    Your heart was locked.
    And the key would never again
    Be mine to find.

  2. The untold story

    Heeding straight towards the computer
    To forward my story for the competition
    I pressed control+alt+Del button
    To unlock the system personal
    Only to find the message box
    Demanding the login password.

    The password was simple
    Which I tried to recollect hard
    But failed every time
    Leaving me with only one golden chance
    Or remain locked for the rest of the time.

    Stuck was I, as the last day of submission was today
    And my fate was not at all in my favor
    Even though I tried all other measure
    For today, was not my victory day.

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